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and afghanistan. at the white house this afternoon press secretary robert gates said president obama is being kept up to date on the mass killing. we are expecting to hear from the president live at any time. again, the fbi is headed to fort hood. they are there now to investigate. was there has a warning or threat before the attacks. we don't know. homeland official security is saying they cannot confirm a motive behind the shooting. we're standing by for the president at any time now. he was previously scheduled to appear at an event and we are expecting h imto make comments about to the's shooting. 12 people killed at ford hood, the largest u.s. army post here in the united states. >> bob, you mentioned the graduation ceremony that was about to take place this afternoon. had families already begun arriving. were there more people on post than normal? >> reporter: we believe so. because of central standard time we believe the ceremony was supposed to start a half hour after the shooting. you have to believe there were a lot of people there on post. we expect the president to speak about this mom
obama. the races are being watched as a symbolic vote on how people feel about the white house. fox's bill hammer is more with on how the other races are shaping up. >> reporter: good evening to you. we will talk about virginia in a moment. in new jersey, this is a neck and neck race. president barack obama has tied himself to core zine, stumping there three times. new jersey has not gone for a republican governor going back to 1997. the economy, taxes, big issues in new jersey has helped to keep the race close. the third candidate, we're not sure what sort of impact he will have. he's pulling support away from both the democratic and republican candidates. the state of virginia appears to be a lot more clear-cut. republican bok mcdonnell against creigh deeds, which has got a lot of attention down there in our nation's copy. this was a state that went for president obama only 12 months ago, and it's the first time it has voted for a democrat in 44 years. a republican victory tonight could put the theory to the test. local issues are big, economy, jobs, transportation top of the list
talking to doctors and his lawyer but not investigators. president barack obama and the first lady joined grieving families today. the families of the 13 killed and 29 injured at a memorial service at fort hood. it was an emotional and tearful service honoring the fallen killed during last week's attack on the nation's largest army base. rick leventhal is live with the latest, rick? >> reporter: laura, the crowd size estimated at 15,000 people at times completely silent. men and women in uniform standing tall, proud, respectful, army strong. a somber ceremony at fort hood honoring those killed in last week's shooting spree. >> we come together filled with sorrow for the 13 americans that we have lost. >>> reporter: the president and first lady among the thousands that came out to remember the 12 u.s. soldiers and one civilian gunned down in the rampage. >> this is a time of war. these americans did not die on a foreign field of battle, they were killed here on american soil. every evening that the sunsets on a tranquil town, every dawn that a flag is unfurled, every moment that an america
their candidate has had a productive last two weeks of campaigning which included appearances by president obama and former president clinton. we will of course find out tomorrow, laura, if all of that campaigning was enough to overcome the lead. >> fox 5 will be all over it. the governor's race is the marquee matchup tomorrow but not the only spot up for grabs. virginians are voting on lieutenant governor, attorney general and all 100 house delegate seats and in maryland mayor of bowie, gaithersburg, takoma park, rockville and annapolis. for a complete list go to and click on politics. >>> a major election development overseas. the presidential runoff has been cancelled. they named karzai the winner. the announcement is one day after abdullah abdullah dropped out of the race. so there are still questions about election fraud. >> mt unique challenge is how to give legitimacy. -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the upcoming vote was reportedly a key factor in president obama's decision on whether to include u.s. troop -- to increase u.s. troop levels there in afghanistan. >>> we are fo
announced president obama is ordering a full review of all intelligence related to major hasan to see f any information was not properly shared in the federal government. >> we will stay on top of that. >> there are growing concerns and questions in congress tonight over reports that hasan had come under scrutiny by federal investigators only to have the inquiry dropped when it was decided hasan was not a threat. >>> there is a new twist in a murder in northeast d.c. a gunman shot a man to death as he waited for a metro bus. the victim had just attend add funeral for ashton hunter. law enforcement tell us rawlings was a suspect in hunter's murder, not just a witness. prosecutors presented evidence to a grand jury hoping to indict rawlings. sources say when rawlings was killed, he had a pistol manage his waistband. >>> an attack inside the embassy of togo on massachusetts avenue northwest. the secret service said a man attacked three embassy employees. the secret service says the man entered the embassy and asked though return to his own country. a spokesman said he became agitated, pulled o
will select it. and i have. for his part, barack obama in a series of interviews on the asia trip today, said he supports the decision and left it up to the justice department to make the final determination, shawn. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. >>> now to another attack on the high seas. the somali pirates tried to attack a maersk ship. they're monitoring it as it heads on to the coast. you may remember that pirates overtook the maersk in april holding yet for five days. >>> vice president joe biden's motorcade involved in another accident, a police car working ahead of him and hit by a cab in new york. the vice president not hurt. but two police officers and the cab driver have minor injuries. just last week in d.c., you will remember, two secret service agents driving without the vice president and truck and killed a man on your parkway. >>> the push is on to clear up the confusion. in the battle against breast cancer. who are you supposed to believe. the federal government is stepping in to the mammogram next. >>> and santa's got his own wish list. what his helpers are demanding before de
for the country that they love. >>> at the white house, president obama was briefed on the investigation by fbi director robert mueller and went ahead with a prescheduled trip to walter reed army medical center. >> what we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the value of men and women who came under attack yestery and one of the worst mass shootings ever to take place on an american military base. >> reporter: the u.s. army's criminal investigation officials are looking at hassan's blogs that compare suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on grenades to save others. he reportedly fought his deployment orders to iraq, opposed the u.s. war and some inning can are calling for a deeper probe into military psychological screenings, citing alarming jumps in u.s. military suicide. >> we have to pay attention to the emotional well being of every soldier, airman and marine and sailor. >> reporter: last march, u.s. military officials testified before the senate armed services committee about the alarming jump in the number of suicide among u.s
actual met president obama in a receiving line. they could face criminal charges. the secret service is investigating how the couple was able to make it inside the dinner without being on the guest list. the secret service said it is embarrassed by the incident. >>> golf great tiger woods is recovering after an accident outside of his that home earlier this morning. his s.u.v. hit a tree and a fire hydrant around 2:30. woods was treated at a nearby hospital and later released. there is no word on why the accident happened but alcohol was not involved. >>> a 36-inch water main that burst in arlington monday has been repaired. crews have to fix and repave the road. on wednesday a worker was electrocuted at the site. another worker is in serious condition. >>> the mad dash for deals is under way. if you haven't made your list and checked it twice, listen up. we have the must have toys. >> reporter: who could forget the obsession over cabbage patch kids. then came tickle me elmo and long ago every kid wanted atari. now we have the wii generation. you were lucky if you found one on store
unauthorized proximity to president obama raises serious security questions. former secret service director raffle basham says it could lead to criminal charges. >> if you are providing false information to a federal agent, that is a crime. and depending on exactly what this individual, these individuals said to the agent or the officer, i'm sure they will be looking in to that. >> the reason there is an investigation is the president and the white house asked for that to happen. suffice it to say the president is rightly concerned about what happened last week. >> reporter: the salahis boasted about the event on their facebook page and posted pictures of themselves at the white house but the pair who are chasing reality star fame are refusing to speak publicly. their publicist says the accusations they are wanting money for their story is false. >> how are these high-ranking political officials reacting to this? >> it seems strange that a crashing of a social event would reach these proportions and robert gibbs commented it was strange to go from afghanistan to the salahis and reality tv b
these news developments. >>> president obama is losing his top lawyer. white house council greg craig is leaving his post to return to private practice. he will be replaced by bob bower who served as president obama's private attorney. he is eected to start in the new position by the end of the year. >>> he visited his father hours before the d.c. sniper was put to death. now john muhammad's oldest son is speaking out for the first time since the execution. >>> 11 bodies found inside this cleveland home. tonight a suspected serial killer has his day in court. are they closer to piecing this together? - five dollars for a sub! - but no drink? no chips? man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds... - announcer: before you ever love it... - ( tires screech ) ...the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder j.d. power and associates... - ♪ ooh, love hurts - ...ranked it highest
day. their story is on the home page. >>> president obama is reflecting on the cost of war on this veteran's day. the president is under pressure to decide whether to send more troops to afghanistan and how many. fox 5 jennifer davis has a look how he marked the veteran's day. >> this is a place where it's impossible not to be moved. >> reporter: on a dark and rainy veteran's day, president obama took time to comfort family and friends. >> our servicemen and women have been doing right by american for generation. as long as i am commander in chief, america will do right by them. >> reporter: he convened his war council in the situation room to discuss the way forward for current troops in afghanistan. this is said to be one of the final meetings on the topic before the president reveals his military strategy there. three months ago stanley mcchrystal asked for more troops to deal with rising violence in the region. >> he wants to be ready in the springtime when the snows melt in the mountains to do what is necessary, to, you know, secure the cities. >> reporter: a group of
for the governor-elect started with a phone call from president barack obama. >> now that the campaign was over, that he hoped we would work closely together, to govern, especially with virginia being the neighboring state to the district of columbia. >> reporter: eight months ago i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: both his campaign and victory say gop national chairman michael steele, is one that republicans nationwide could learn a lesson from. >> we have to recognize this playing field is changing for us. that running these races now, it matters what you're saying to every voter. not just a segment of the voting population. >> reporter: for his part mcdonnell would not speculate on what his election means for democrats nationwide. but says his campaign decided early on to zero in on economic, not social, issues. >> the focus on the things, the quality of life issues that people care about. that's what governance is all about. they are interested not in rhetoric, they are interested in results. >> report
-line and at the top of the money page. >>> president obama's tax break meant to help to fix the financial mess may cost millions to taxpayers. the treasury department says 15 million people could unexpectedly owe money when they file returns next year. the problem is some people got the credit twice because they have two jobs or because they are married and both spouses received stimulus checks. it was supposed to pay individuals $400 and couple $800. >>> attention shopaholics. do the holidays always cost you more than you bargained for because you can't say no? the website has tips. number one plan ahead. set a budget for yourself and stick to it. number two, monitor your money. commit to check your bank account daily or weekly and understand where every dollar goes and number three change your environment. skip black friday if you can't control yourself. >> skip it. >> if money is no option, three of bernie madoff's luxury yachts are up for auction. madoff is serving a 150 year prison sentence for swindling people out of billions of dollars. we get a look inside of one of the boats
. >>> the government is now cranking up the effort to fix the financial mess by partners financial fraud. the obama administration is forming a brandew task force. it will investigate the kind of financial crimes that contributed to the market collapse. it will replace an earlier corporate task force started after the enron and worldcom error error corporate scandals. it will have a broader reach and incorporate state investigators and federal agencies to uncover a wide range of problems. >>> easing the commuter crunch. a top issue in one local company. the plans could mean major changes to this popular commuter route. reversible lanes might be the beginning. the changes you could be. next. >>> and startling new recommendations in the battle against breast cancer. who should you believe? melanie. >>> surviving a holiday is about more than just saving mean. it's about saving yourself from all the family stress. why not get out of town instead? great getaways on a budget in your holiday survival guide. >>> very, very nice fall day out there today. we had clouds but we stayed dry, but the forecast sti
of this by the end of the year, laura? >> thank you very much. >>> barack obama took a short break today to be a regular dad. the president and first lady stopped by to visit 8-year-old melia's school. they're going to -- sidwell friends school in bethesda campus. the spokesman said they visited for a school activity but the smokes -- spokesman wouldn't elaborate. >>> little ones are learning the gift of giving, donating more than 50 thanksgiving dinners. the kids partnered with the salvation army in fairfax to organize the meals. they all kindergarteners or younger and all work to make sure they chose the kind of food they thought families would want to eat based on their own family tradition. >> i can see them starting that program early. >>> bring on the shopping season. black friday is one week away, whether to compare prices or great deals, it's no secret. the shoppers looking to save money head to the web. melanie alnwick is here to help you click your way to serious deals. >> saving money by shopping online has become a daily obsession for vanessa. >>t became a thing where every m
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